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Posted on 20 April, 2014 at 15:08 Comments comments (36)
I love my job, actually, I love both of my jobs.  I have been a service plumber since 1993. and a Water Treatment Plant operator since 2002. I guess it may not seem like the most glorious of professions, however, both provide excellent opportunities to learn, and to share. In some ways both provide opportunities for me to participate in the health and well being of numerous people.
I do believe good, clean, safe drinking water is something we take for granted in our country, and I haven't thanked God enough for something I take for granted. However, I work with some of the finest people in the county who take providing that clean, safe, drinking water as a calling of sorts. So having said that, I guess I try to make it my goal to provide people with the awareness and appreciation of a huge blessing we have.
I suppose a purpose of a "blog" is to share information and awareness. So, if you read this, please "Blog" away. I'd love to hear ideas on how you may be better aware of one of our most valuable resources: Great Drinking Water.
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